Foot-ankle Diseases

Foot-ankle Problem

  • Health-preventing Concept

    Thousands of miles begin with a single step from your foot.
    Care for your feet should begin in childhood.

  • Children's Flat-foot Problem

    Before the age of ten seventy percent of children have flat-foot problems

  • Adult's Foot-degenerative Problem

    The high-heeled shoes and long-standing problems have been
    the active topics for the degeneration and discomfort of the foot and ankle. Choosing proper insoles and shoes can effectively prevent the problems of deformation
    and degeneration of the foot and ankle and promote the health of the foot.

  • Interdisciplinary Integration of Technology and Medicine

    Relevant measurement, design and manufacturing technologies integrate imaging technology,
    biomechanics, additive-subtractive process, foot-ankle medicine, and APP E-commerce.

New Choice

  • Stock Market

    Currently, stores of health and medical shoes face strong competition in online marketing.
    Therefore, there must be a more technological and innovative service model. In addition,
    the traditional service model cannot provide more healthy and higher technology
    to select the ideal shoes and insoles for customers or patients.

  • Incremental Market

    Construct a service system for the personalized healthy and
    medical shoes and insoles. In the future, our team aims to develop highly orthoses
    and prostheses for foot, ankle, knee, hip, waist, back, shoulder, and neck.

Orthotic Treatment

Thoracolumbar Diseases

Prolonged sitting and poor standing postures may eventually lead to
problems such as disc herniation and spinal degeneration.
They potentially induce severe lower back pain and lumbar stenosis.