Company Vision

Aim to establish the best team of orthoses and prostheses for articulating joints. Related products have seven major digital features: digital measurement, digital explanation, digital selection, digital design, digital manufacture and digital monitoring. The relevant core technologies and goals are described as follows:

Core Techniques of Company

The core technologies of the team include:

  • Digital Measurement Platform

  • Functional Shoes and Insoles

  • Three-dimensional Production Equipment

  • Professional training of Technical Talents

  • Different Industry Integration Platform

6 Digital Techniques for Advanced Orthoses and Prostheses

  • Digital Measurement: Using MASFoot Scanner and Plate to measure the foot profile and pressure

  • Digital Explanation: Provide the text and pictures to integrate the measured parameters for explanation

  • Digital Selection: Optimal strategies for automatically select the read-made insoles

  • Digital Design: Specially-developed CNC and 3D G-code library for custom-made insoles

  • Digital Manufacture: Using MASFoot CNC and 3D Printer to manufacture insoles

  • Digital Monitoring: Using MASFoot Box to verify the insole function